Every brand tells a story…or should. The brand – in look, feel, and words – expresses your mission, your beliefs, your place in the market or competitive landscape, your people, your history and your future. And every brand should be re-evaluated regularly to determine if it is relevant and compelling today.

In partnership with James Dale Marketing, we provide a total branding process:

  • Brand audit – interviews and focus groups to assess current perceptions of the brand as a representation of the organization or company.
  • Brand materials analysis – review of all communications and design that express the brand, to assess relevance and need for refreshing.
  • Brand rebuild – starting from scratch or reconstructing the brand to address a changed market or changes in what the organization or company provides.
  • Brand redesign – updating or wholly creating the graphic look and feel of the brand’s expression.
  • Brand application and expression – integrating the brand into all materials and communications channels: website, collateral, signage, speeches, etc.
  • Brand story – developing messaging that bring the branding to life, in words and graphics, to literally tell your story – to set your story apart from all the competing stories, to assure yours is most memorable, and most compelling.

Branding services include:

  • Naming
  • Tagline
  • Logo
  • Design
  • Color palette
  • Style book
  • Materials and Messaging
  • Story expression
  • Advertising