Telling the world what you do…better. Reduced to a few words, that’s what we do. We simplify what a company/product has to offer, why it is different/better than alternatives, and express it in language and graphics that are compelling, persuasive and above all, clear.

In partnership with James Dale Marketing, we follow a proscribed process that yields a comprehensive understanding what the organization does that is distinctive, unique, market-making, category-beating, breakthrough, different, special.

We review all existing communications materials – website, collateral, ads, messaging. We ask probing questions on what the company/institution does, the key attributes, needs met, competition and more – most often the critical information already resides within the organization. We study the competition – even in the non-profit world there is competition). We translate what we learn into an “ownable” strategy – a positioning that is unique to each client.

Marketing services include:

  • Marketing Strategy & Tactics
  • Brand Positioning
  • Communications Planning – campaigns/messaging, placed media
  • Advertising – creative development, writing, design, production
  • Community Outreach
  • Partnerships & Promotions