Every brand tells a story…or should. The brand – in look, feel, and words - expresses your mission, your beliefs, your place in the market, your people, your history, and your future. A strong, well-differentiated brand requires thought, research, strategy, and planning, but the process should also be one that keeps your brand constantly updated and fresh. Your brand is arguably your most important asset and all of your marketing and communications programs will establish themselves starting with this foundation.



We analyze and assess target audiences and audit brand materials, communications, and design elements.


We synthesize all of our research and identify any brand “outliers” – responses that do not fit the expected perceptions or behaviors of your target audience that may present challenges or opportunities.


We define who you are, why you exist, and reflect on your mission and values. Based on the brand positioning, PROFILES will develop key messaging concepts and phrases for marketing materials aimed at the specific target audiences. From color choices to typefaces, we guide clients through the process of defining their visual identity in a cohesive way.


We also work to go beyond what’s written in the copy on your website, brochure, or on your social media channels to tell your brand’s story. This includes developing messaging that brings the branding to life, in words and graphics, to literally tell your story.


Lastly, we help maintain the brand, keeping it current and competitive, by monitoring and evaluating its performance. PROFILES works to identify areas of opportunity and brand building so your brand never feels outdated.