Brands face both expected and unexpected situations every day. Crises may present as complex and fluid. Whether your brand is longstanding or emerging, even the smallest threat to your reputation can be a crisis. We help businesses engage in strategic press/media relations programs that clearly and concisely articulate their vision surrounding different policies and politics.

Strategic public messaging – delivered through media coverage – that provides facts, context, and balance for a brand’s controversial story – also helps to fuel public support. Our team, led by CEO and Founder Amy Elias, has more than three decades of experience helping clients and brands through crises.

PROFILES has extensive experience working with brands to craft and implement communications programs that reach various target audiences - elected officials, business leaders, opinion makers, community residents, partners, and media - and help them achieve their business goals and objectives.



We conduct a risk assessment and vulnerability audit of the brand, from as high up as the corporate level to as ground-level as retail stores (if relevant), and also online channels, and SEO, so that vulnerabilities can be pinpointed and resolved.


We institute ongoing, daily monitoring to keep a pulse on issues implicating your business, marketplace, and/or industry. Keeping a close watch, particularly on known industry detractors, allows our team to stay one step ahead of potential brand threats.


Whether mock media training is needed, or development of new protocols, our expert team of crisis-handlers will prepare the necessary tools to aid clients in times of crisis.


  • Mitigating and managing online reviews
  • Competitive analysis
  • Crisis preparedness and crisis management plan development
  • Vulnerability auditing
  • Media training for spokespeople
  • Messaging and talking points
  • Post-crisis analysis and recommendations
  • Development and strategic release of statements