• CLIENT: Waterfront Partnership
  • PROJECT DATE: Ongoing


Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc. was formed in October 2005 out of an interest expressed by property owners – businesses, residents, and non-profits – to create a more welcoming waterfront for local residents, office workers and visitors alike. Currently encompassing the Inner Harbor, Harbor East and a portion of Fells Point, Waterfront Partnership is dedicated to creating a more attractive environment, great public parks and events for the public to enjoy at Baltimore community’s signature asset, bringing a new spirit of vitality to the entire waterfront.


In 2009, Waterfront Partnership sought a partner who could help position the organization as a vital business advocate and resource for those who live, work and visit the waterfront areas.


Since 2009, PROFILES has developed and directed communications programs that generate awareness for the Waterfront Partnership and its initiatives, allowing the organization to publicly advance its mission, vision, strategies, and achievements. Our work on the Partnership’s behalf has included communications, strategy, counsel, and events around: the launch of Healthy Harbor; Inner Harbor 2.0; Waterfront Wellness; Clean and Safe Program into Fells Point; The Great Baltimore Oyster Partnership; Inner Harbor Water Wheel; Pierce’s Park; floating wetlands; Smarter Way to Get There; Walter Sondheim Fountain; Summer Socials; Harbor Harvest; and other events at Rash Field.


The Waterfront Partnership has grown by leaps and bounds as a critical resource for those who live, work and play on the waterfront. Through PROFILES’ communications efforts, the organization and its initiatives have gained tremendous media exposure and public awareness, advancing its mission and vision. PROFILES has secured media coverage for the Waterfront Partnership, its partners, and initiatives with most every Baltimore media outlet. Events organized by PROFILES – including the launch of the Healthy Harbor initiative, the unveiling of the Walter Sondheim Fountain, the introduction of Inner Harbor 2.0 and more – were well-attended by the community, partnering organizations, city and state government officials, and business leaders. Further, PROFILES secured, built and launched the organization’s Facebook page and assisted in the creation of the organization’s Twitter account, @waterfrontpb.